Our monthly "Ashcroft Presents" showcase welcomes local favourites, up-and-coming artists and special guests.  Discover a wealth of talent on your doorstep.  Try out new music, unearth local gems and expand your playlist with our varied quality selection of live music each month.  

Maddie Morris
Maddie Morris is an artist who strives to make a difference in the world. Bold, insightful and refreshingly unique, they take traditional song in new directions to shine a light on contemporary issues. 

Folk songs have always told stories, but how Maddie makes their mark is by turning this storytelling into action. Described by Jim Moray as “leading the next generation of socially conscious songwriters”, they use their work to highlight inequality, challenge viewpoints and provide an inclusive space for shared experiences.

Whether they’re turning a centuries-old ballad on its head or writing something new, Maddie places their focus on drawing out true meaning rather than being true to tradition. Their debut studio album, Skin, (release in February 2024) is a beautifully crafted collection of songs which amplifies the stories of those often marginalised by society. Passionately political, yet gently understated, this is music that deftly treads the path between art and activism.

Lucy Kitchen
In a musical world that seems ever more dictated by fad and fashion, driven by bluster and bombast, concerned with big statements and immediate responses, it is reassuring to know that there are still artists unaffected by such concerns. Lucy Kitchen is everything that the usual modern approach is not. Her songs are deft and delicate, built on clean-limbed and gentle lines and embellished with only the absolutely essential sonic details. Beats are minimal, textures subtly woven and the music feels nothing more than gossamer and smoke-like layers skilfully interlaced to maintain a musical weightlessness.

In the search for touchstones she is often compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Beth Orton and, vocally, to Sandy Denny – ‘Lucy’s vocal tone has hints of the late Sandy Denny in it – a rare and precious thing indeed’ (bestnewbands.com).

Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose is an award-winning songwriter and artist from the UK’s South Coast. Her sound is a blend of singer/songwriter, dream pop and country, drawing influence from Imogen Heap, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey and Kacey Musgraves.

Sarah’s live performance combines her classic songwriting and emotive vocals. In 2022 Sarah supported artists Hannah-Rose Platt (Xtra Mile) and James Walker and in July 23 supported Australian artist Liz Stringer on the first show of her UK tour. Sarah is booked to open for Ben Ottewell of Gomez in January 2024


Event: Friday 8 March, 7:30pm
Bar open:6:30pm
Ticket: £7 advance / £10 OTD / £5 YP


  • Maddie Morris stands with guitar case

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