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Freemotion Embroidery

Join the brilliant Maria Stones for a workshop exploring freemotion embroidery.

By the end of the day you will be able to identify differences between darning, embroidery and quilting using free motion sewing.

You will explore different techniques such as: straight-zig zag stitch, doodling-sketching, appliqué, calligraphy or quilting, depending on your previous ability, knowledge and the sewing machine’s capability. Participants must be able to operate their sewing machine. All levels of ability are welcome, beginners or experienced sewists who want to be introduced, refresh or improve their free motion stitching in different techniques.

For the day you will need to buy/bring:

  • Sewing machine capable to drop the feed dogs and a darning foot. Instruction manual is recommended. Control pedal and spare needles and bobbins.
  • Embroidery hoop about 6 inches diameter.
  • 2m calico
  • 1m wadding
  • Assortment of polyester thread in different colours
  • Freemotion Embroidery

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