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The Funny World of James Campbell

A stand-up comedy show for children over 6, their parents and anyone who likes comedy without the rude words. Hold onto your socks, take the banana out of your ears and enjoy the best comedy for kids from the man who invented it. James' show will find The Funny Things about everything including pets, couscous, spaniels, making your own yoghurt, bees, why we have hair and will answer questions such as: “ do sausage dogs eat sausages? Or do they just look at them and say, "I'm not eating that - it looks like my grannie." 

James Campbell is a comedian and author. He was the man who started Comedy 4 Kids. He has written the hilarious Boyface books; has appeared on TV programmes such as Blue Peter and has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, The Royal Albert Hall and on Broadway. He has performed at music and arts festivals across the UK including Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glasgow Comedy Festival, Leicester Comedy Festival and Glastonbury Festival. In 2018 he appeared at Latitude, Just So, Curious Arts and more. He regularly draws large audiences at book festivals such as Hay Festival, Imagine Festival and Cheltenham Book Festival. 

James’ new book The Funny Life Of Pets was published by Bloomsbury Publishing in June 2018 and the second in the series, The Funny Life Of Teachers will hit the shelves in on May 2nd 2019. Write Your Own Book, a children’s creative writing book will be published later in 2019. 

James also performs creative writing events for schools and has appeared at more than 2000 primary and secondary schools across the UK over the last decade.

Book your tickets to see The Funny World of James Campbell at Hampshire Cultural Trust's Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham now!

  • The Funny World of James Campbell

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