The only certainty in life is that everything changes. Throughout history, writers have chronicled a never-ending series of events as diverse as humanity itself, but the things that remain constant: the need for shelter, safety, family, identity and love have a universal voice. Words that reverberate with the tenacity of the human spirit and have moved millions of us to do things we never thought possible. 

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Included in this concert are songs written by, Joan Baez, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Maya Angelou, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. The night will also feature many of Keith’s own songs from his 2020 album Paradise Lost and brand-new album Can You Imagine?. Many of the songs have powerful new verses that stand proud against this current wave of crises. 
Keith, a life-long devotee of emotional performance, approaches each of these songs with fresh courage and passion, provoking both reflection and reconciliation.

 "Another fine album from Keith as his rich vein of form continues" FATEA on Can You Imagine?

"Keith James' Concert for a Changing World was truly memorable. My tears started as soon as he introduced the first song and I came away thinking the human spirit will not be defeated. Currently on tour for the rest of this year. Catch him if you can. He is such a lovely human being and so talented" The Globe Arts Centre

Event: Friday 10 June, 7.30pm

Tickets: £15

  • Keith James performs on stage in front of a black background.

Dates and times

  1. Fri 10 Jun 2022