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Online: All About Art


To do at home! Complete at your own pace at times that suit you...

In this second series of pre-recorded online classes, Ashcroft Arts Centres' Julie Tucker, will be exploring six different styles of art. Each session will be an introduction to a new style and Julie will give an insight into the art, as well as key techniques in how to approach the style. These six classes will be presented in a relaxed and engaging approach, so you can enjoy different styles of art at home.


The six styles Julie will be teaching are…

Session 1: Reflective Colour and Exploring Colour

Session 2: Mono Printing and Printmaking

Session 3: Monet and More 

Session 4: The Figurative Exploring Life Drawing 

Session 5: Showing Movement 

Session 6: Emotive art

You will be able to re-watch and access these videos as many times as you like until the end of August. 


What you need: 

Week 1: Reflective colour and exploring colour - Acrylic paints, palette, water pot, brushes, paper towels, newspaper, canvas or primed board , still life objects (a group of objects varying in sizes and colours). 


Week 2: Mono printing and printmaking - Sugar paper, white paper, charcoal, pencil, black printing ink or black acrylic paint, coloured chalks, roller or brush, newspaper, and somewhere to hang or leave your art to dry.


Week 3: Monet and more: Oil pastels, coloured paper or sugar paper, Monet images.


Week 4: The Figurative Exploring Life Drawing - Sugar paper, collage materials, mixed media (anything you have to hand ie glue, marker pens etc).


Week 5: Showing movement - Sugar paper or large sketchbook, marker pens, brushes, water pot and a selection of paints.


Week 6: Emotive Art - Mixed media, a selection of materials, no scissors and art can completed on any surface that suits you. 

See also – class access information below.


Tutor: Julie Tucker

Julie is a freelance artist and tutor living in Fareham-Hampshire. She has a background in community Arts and has worked with all age groups on many projects. Her passion is Fine Art, particularly oil paint on canvas and she simply adores the genre Impressionism! 

She teaches various art classes at Ashcroft Arts Centre in Fareham (we started with one class and now have six full classes). Julie truly believes that art as a medium is incredibly therapeutic and should always be fun and relaxed - it is about empowering individuals to paint and be creative freely without judgement form others. 

“To truly paint is to find oneself amidst the chaos of the world we live in” Julie Tucker.


Tickets: £18 for six sessions (that's only £3 per session)

Book your space for the Online: All About Art class with Hampshire Cultural Trust's Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham now!


Class access information

This class is delivered using pre-recorded video content that is available to you on demand, at a time that suits you. You will have access to these resources from the week of 20 July 2020. If you are booking prior to the week of 20 July you will be notified via email when this content is available. If you are booking after the week of 20 July you will have access to this content straight away.

This class is designed to be progressive, with each videos following on from the last, helping to build your experience over the course of the class. There are six videos in total, each running for approximately 20mins each.

To access your class content you will need a device with an internet connection and speakers – a computer, laptop, phone or tablet should do the job. The content will be hosted on a private webpage. We will email you a link to the webpage to give you access, so please make sure your email address is correct at time of booking.  An optional private Facebook group has also been set up for participants in this class to give you somewhere to talk to each other and share your work. Details of this group will also be sent to you via email.   

If you have any issues accessing your class our team is on standby to help. Simply email us at ashcroft@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk.

  • Online: All About Art

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