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Rum in the Gravy Boat

You're ten years old, dads left and mum's an alcoholic. You find salvation in performing. You can do a wicked Greased Lightening.


Playful and energetic yet moving and raw, Rum in the Gravy Boat is a story about sexual awakenings, plastic microphones, an alcoholic mother and alopecia. Based on the actor’s own life and developed through Fluid Motion’s unique autobiographical style, this is a personal account into how theatre can make sense of the past.

There will be professionals from Hampshire CAMHS supporting this event, so if you have any questions or need a conversation about any of the issues raised by the performance, there will be people to talk to.

This event is part of The ICE Project, a partnership between Hampshire CAMHS and Hampshire Cultural Trust. The wider programme promotes the use of arts and culture for positive mental health and wellbeing. It is made possible through support and investment from Artswork the South East Bridge, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and charitable donations. The show is suitable for ages 14+ and there will be a short post-show discussion and Q&A.

You can find out more about Fluid Motion Theatre, Mental Health Theatre Company based in Basingstoke, who are running the show online and you can also follow them on Twitter

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  • Rum in the Gravy Boat

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