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Storytelling with Bearface Theatre 1pm

Some story tellers have a bank of stories that they roll out in front of audiences, stories that they have told a hundred times before, stories that have a known and unchanged beginning, middle and end with no surprises or tangents.

Sometimes the audience gets bored with these stories,

Sometimes the storyteller gets bored with these stories.

Well here at Bearface theatre it's a very different kettle of frogs.

We believe that the best and most exciting stories have not even been written yet!

In our storytelling events we aim high, we aim to tell the world’s most exciting and fun stories that have never been told before, all with the help, suggestions and participation of our audience.

Help us craft, sculpt and act out the best stories ever told by joining in the creative process, be that by giving a suggestion of a character’s name or jumping on stage with us to act out a never seen before scene. How much you get involved is your choice, how the story ends is everyone's choice.

Book your spot onto Storytelling with Bearface Theatre at Hampshire Cultural Trust's Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham now!

  • Storytelling with Bearface Theatre 1pm

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