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Upcycle Your Clothes

If you care about the environment and want to stay in fashion, bring your used clothes to repair or alter in this fun and creative class.

Save your clothes from the rubbish bin by finding inspiration and help with ways to give your clothes (or curtains...etc) a new lease of life. The aim of the workshop is to...

1. Identify what clothing elements can be altered/repaired to fit better or find another use for them.

2. Use sewing techniques (hand/machine) based on your individual project and level of ability.

3. Produce items with different finishes using a variety of techniques. 


For the day session you will need to buy/bring:

• Sewing machine and accessories. The instruction manual is recommended. Control pedal and spare needles and bobbins. The twin needle is an advantage in stretch hemming, there are different distances in between needles, all are good for practicing.

• Sewing kit, including fabric and paper scissors, pins, tape measure, and hand needles.

• Clothing or curtains to make your chosen alteration.

• An assortment of polyester thread in different colours. This course will lead you to patchwork and quilting, garment alterations, textile art, machine embroidery among others.


All levels of ability are welcome, beginners or experienced sewists who want to be introduced to, refresh or improve your stretch stitching with different techniques.

However, if you want to use a sewing machine you must be able to operate your own one. If you do not own a sewing machine, please call the box office on 01329 223100 and talk to us about your objectives in this class.


Book your space on Upcycle You Clothes at Hampshire Cultural Trust's Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham now!

  • Upcycle Your Clothes

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