Life, Line and Movement - drawing and painting on the spot, and experimental printmaking!

Wednesday 11 September – Thursday 31 October 2019

ARTIST: Tom Marshall 

tom marshall

I grew up in Gloucestershire, developed a love of drawing everything- portraits, wildlife, botanical art, landscapes, etc; studied Fine Art in Falmouth- and then stopped. I didn't have the confidence to work in art, so I worked in a hospital, a kitchen in a Christian community, in a special needs school, in the back of a Boots store taking hair-dryers off pallets and putting them on shelves. I taught English as a foreign language for 8+ years but left unable to continue as a single dad. In 2013, after 9 months on Income Support working through stress, depression, and exhaustion, I went self-employed as an artist. I had no experience of working in art, almost no contacts; no idea how to mount or frame a picture, run a website or enter an exhibition. I was out of practice with a lot to learn.

Right from the start, I knew 2 things- firstly, that- after years of working indoors, I wanted to work outside. Secondly, that I wanted to do printmaking, and see how I could manage without a press or a studio- just a kitchen table.

This has formed the pattern for my work- I go out with materials in my rucksack, and draw and paint in all weathers-( in recent years I've worked outdoors in falling snow, hail, rain, freezing rain and high winds, as well as blazing sunshine). I like to draw into the wet paint, the pigment running into the pencil's score-marks, colouring them, and creating a line rather like in an etching. It's fun to try new things- using chalk pastels on wet paper, mixing unlikely media, etc. I draw and paint simultaneously- I love depicting people, birds and dogs- and I will stop the scene to draw a new character as they move across my view, working on background and foreground at the same time. I've always loved the challenge of drawing a fast-moving scene on the spot, and won one of the top prizes at this year's Pintar Rapido “plein air” painting event in London. I've had 2 pictures selected for Draw19, a drawing exhibition in Southwark this October, and in recent years have had work selected for various open exhibitions. It feels like I'm getting somewhere.

My printmaking includes woodcuts and monoprints. I enjoying experimenting in a low-tech way, and my recent work has included printing dry-points made by scratching into wood; and learning to print with dry materials instead of the usual ink. I try to take advantage of not having a press, and it's surprising what you can do without one! I like to make each print in a series an individual painting, rather than making them identical. Please note: All framed and mounted works are originals- only the cards are reproductions.

Thank you in advance for visiting and I hope that you enjoy the show.

Please feel free to get in touchI am happy to share ideas about techniques, etc. You are very welcome to follow my work on Facebook and Instagram.