Monday 10th January - Friday 25th February 2022

by Michael Wright 

This exhibition is an investigation into the British Landscape resulting in a series of artworks that have been created through the use of a variety of different mediums and techniques. The term  Liberating the Landscape’ refers in one sense to my art practice where I use a method known as appropriation to produce paintings that were originally part of a larger historical painting which I then re-create in a different way, and in another sense the term liberating the landscape refers to the places I have visited that I have found liberating through thought and emotional experience which I have then painted or drawn from photographs taken at the time.

This has resulted in some experimental practice in my work through the use of semi-abstraction, pixelation, cropping and layering of imagery in different ways and also through the use of industrial plaster as a ground for painting and drawing. With these artworks there is a crude quality to the work which is in contrast to the beauty of nature captured and appropriated through romanticised elements of paintings and drawings from historical artworks.

The drawings I have in the exhibition are also experimenting with the same theme of both actual and appropriated landscapes and are in contrast to the paintings as they focus in more detail on line, form and the tonal qualities in nature, rather than on the landscape as a whole.



My name is Michael Wright and I live and work in Portchester, Fareham. I have a Fine Art degree from Winchester School of Art gained in 2001 and I have exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibitions locally and in London. I was included in the Royal Academy Summer show in 2019 and in addition to this I have exhibited at the Royal College of Art, London, Southampton City art gallery, Aspex gallery, Portsmouth, Pallant House gallery, Minerva Theatre and Oxmarket gallery, Chichester and more. I won the ‘Best Emerging artist’ prize at the National open art competition in 2015 and was one of the winners in the Portsmouth Festivities art trail in 2014. I continue to practise my art focussing on Landscape paintings and drawings.