An exhibition of Art and Textiles by Janet Aughey and Jenny Davies

Monday 27 September -  Friday 12 November 2021


Janet Aughey - Painter: 

My paintings are mainly watercolour but sometimes with the use of collage and printing materials to create realistic but interpretive pieces.

I have lived near the sea all my life and this has been a big influence in my work. I also grew up near fields and farms and so love a rusty building or two!! The textures of rocks, rust and the movement of the sea are always inspiring.

I am also inspired by an industrial landscape on the edge of nature which is reflected in this exhibition and when combined with derelict buildings I can’t help but wonder who had been there and what had they seen and done?

To recreate these scenes sometimes I use pure, clean, crisp watercolour but at other times I select papers / ink / printing materials to develop the sense of age and dereliction I find most appealing. I feel the contrasting media echo the friction between nature and industry.​​​​​​


Jenny Davies - Textile Artist:

I get great pleasure from being creative in many forms.

I use textiles, paint, dye and print in my work and include stitch by hand and machine.

My art is a way of translating the beautiful colours, shapes and forms I see around me. Living by the coast offers endless inspiration and influences the colours that I use.

The pieces in this exhibition have come about spontaneously from my collection of beach finds, dyed and painted papers that I have built up over time, which I then work into to build up layers.




A showcase of artwork from across the community, in all different sizes, mediums and subjects, from hobbyists or aspiring and professional artists of all ages, from children to adults.

Tuesday 16 November - Friday 17 December 2021

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